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The Redemptorists-Christ the King Church -Manville NJ

In addition to signaling the end of the church’s liturgical year on Sunday, November 21, the 2010 “Feast of Christ the King” had a very special meaning to the parishioners of Christ the King Church in Manville with Bishop Bootkoski joining in the parish celebration by concelebrating the 10:30 a.m. mass with Reverend Stanislaw Slaby, Administrator, and the Reverend Slawek Romanowski, Associate Pastor. The Mass was very well attended by the parishioners and many church ministries. Christ the King School was well-represented as well as The Knights of Columbus, Manville Chapter, providing the Bishop’s honor guard.

Pastor, Father Slaby, opened the mass with a warm welcome to the Bishop, indicating how honored and proud Christ the King community was to have the Bishop “join in our celebration of The Feast of Christ the King.”

The Redemptorists-Christ the King ChurchDuring his homily, Bishop Bootkoski complimented the parish for their dedication to Christ the King Church. In particular, seeing the children in the front pews dressed in their school uniforms, stirred the Bishop to comment on the “warm feeling” he felt by their presence. Citing that, “children are the future of the church,” Bishop Bootkoski reinforced his commitment to catholic education and belief that there is a positive future for catholic schools. Additionally, Bishop Bootkoski commented on how the shortage of priests has called for multi-pastoral responsibilities in order to response to the needs of people and circumstances. This sharing of resources results in better use of men power, reduced administrative expenses and shared liturgical ministries such as the Advent and Lent Retreats, CCD etc. The Bishop also reinforced his appreciation for the role that the Redemptorists play in the diocese in general. He concluded his remarks by commenting that “the church is alive in Manville.”

The Redemptorists-Christ the King ChurchFollowing the mass, the Bishop joined the parishioners for a reception and luncheon in the church hall. Following the invocation and lunch, the Bishop was presented with bouquet of flowers along with the parish’s commitment of support to the Diocese of Metuchen. Thus, the celebration of “The Feast of Christ the King” came to a memorable conclusion with warm feelings about the present and the future of Christ the King Church.

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