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Youth Group & Ministries
Attention All Christ the King & Sacred Heart Parishioners
& CTK School Students

CTK—CYO, (Catholic Youth Organization)
Basketball/Cheerleading) Open to all Grades 4 through 8; A kick-off meeting will be held at the school in October.

CTK—Alumin Team(Basketball)
Open to all High Schoolers and ages up to 18. Anyone interested in participating or coaching, please contact Frank Kloepping at fkloepping@yahoo.com

Our Children Surpass the "Servants" in the Parable of the Talents
Last Sunday, 11-13-11 at the Children’s Liturgy, 24 of our children had a living experience of Jesus’ parable of the Talents. In the Gospel parable a Master sends 3 servants into the world to invest his money. The Master praises the servant who returns with twice the money given, and the Master invites the servant to share his joy. During the homily, each of our 24 children were given a dollar in an envelope, money from the “Master”, and asked to go into the congregation and work so that the money grows. Their mission was to help feed people in Manville who will not have enough to eat on Thanksgiving. Our children returned not twice, but nearly 7 times the money. As a surprise guest during the homily, Deacon Tom invited Pat Zangaro who heads the Food for the Needy program of our parish to speak to the children. Deacon Tom referred to Pat’s Food for the Needy Group as “Jesus’ hand in Manville.” Pat explained that the group gives needy people a grocery card to buy perishables along with dried food. After living this experience of the parable the children were asked how they felt. Some of the responses were; “I feel good about myself”, “I am happy I could help”, “It gives me a great feeling.” Deacon Tom summarized the Gospel’s take-home message saying, Jesus gives you joy when you serve him faithfully.”

Young Group & Childern's Liturgy
Christ the King and Sacred Heart Parishes Lenten Almsgiving “Project Undercover”. Our youth are collecting NEW PACKAGED t-shirts, underwear & socks for infants, children, teenagers, men & women. All CCD children & CTK School children can bring their donations to the classrooms at the school and all parishioners may use the boxes located in the vestibules of both churches for their donations. We will be conducting this collection for the next 40 days.

Looking for CtK School Alumni
We are developing an Alumni database and are looking for a representative from each Christ the King School Graduating Class. If you are an alumni or parent/parishioner or friend of an alumni, we need your help in identifying missing/hard to locate alumni. Join in our planning activities and get back in touch with your fellow classmates. Please contact Sarina Urban at 908-429-1584 today!

Children's Stewardhip

I helped my Mother in the kitchen, Peter
Cleaning out the garage, Clete
I helped Pop-Pop rake the leaves, Nathaniel
Helping my Mom when she was sick, Emme
I helped my Mom take care of my cousins, Melissa
I helped pick-up leaves, Robert
Made lunch & breakfast for me, Robert & Dad; Rebecca
I helped raise money from working a bake sale, Kate
I helped my brother with his socks & shoes, Jake
I helped take care of my Mom when she was sick and I was kind to my sister; Jackie
I took care of my dog and helped my Grandma; Sammy
Cleaning my room, Anthony
Buckling my brother in his seat belt, Megan
Helping Mommy cook, Geoffrey; Helping my Grandma and praying to God, Lorelai
I did the laundry, Dylan
Made a donation & attended Mass; Tommy, Nitya, Rachael & Logan

Vocation Prayers
Are you willing to pray for vocations to the priesthood?
If so just sign up in the Church foyer on the Monthly calendar. Following are the prayer assignments for the coming week:
Pedro Diaz & Kathie Petrone
Roger & Diana Sieberg
Karen K. & Evelyn Scrape
Theresa Evans & John Strollo
Gerry Pepe & MaryCarol
Betty Rybski & Bob Vornlocker
John Tardy & Sharon L.
Religious Education Schedule
Classes for the 2011-2012 Religious Education school year will begin on Tuesday, September 27, 2011.

All classes are held at Christ the King School and the schedule is as follows:


Grades 2 & 4: 4:00 to 5:15 PM
Grades 7 & 8: 5:30 to 6:45 PM

Grades 1 & 3: 4:00 to 5:15 PM
Grades 5 & 6: 5:30 to 6:45 PM
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